NOW… we have a great way to carry our self defense weapons around our neck or in a shoulder holster type carry!


Our new 550 cord self defense weapon lanyard

Our new 550 cord self defense weapon lanyard. It fits four models directly!

We have a new neck lanyard that allows you to directly carry 4 our our models and also carry all models using 1/2 of the new side lanyard.

You can carry anyone of four of our models directly on the spring hook. They are: the defender 1, defender 2, spec ops 2 and the ronsonator. 

You can also carry any of your self defense weapons by using ½ of the New Side Lanyard to “clip” right into the new neck lanyard. This allows you to carry, switch out quickly, any of your favorite weapons.


These are the four models of self defense weapon that directly fit onto the spring hook carabiner.

The new Neck Lanyard allows you to carry anyone of the self defense weapons shown in the picture on the left. But by usine 1/2 of the new side lanyard you can now carry any self defense weapon model around your neck!

Here is a look at the new side lanyard too!




  • Allows for quick switch out of self defense weapons and this allows you to reconfigure your self defense depending on where you are going!
  • Allows for quick deployment of the self defense weapon.
  • You can make it into a “side holster” type of carry. Just slide the lanyard out completely via the slide knots and stick an arm in… you have a shoulder holster type of carry!