New Side Lanyard in Black Cord for the self defense weapon


This is our new self defense side lanyard that fits ALL models of the defender.

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New Side Lanyard for self defense weapons!

New Side Lanyard for self defense weapons!

This is our new side lanyard with the 550 cord breakaway system that integrates with our New Neck Lanyard. A great way to carry your self defense weapon! The cord is twisted pair BLACK and it comes with the carabiner (hook) either black as shown or silver; what ever we have in stock.

Self Defense Weapon Lanyard FAQ’s

Our standard lanyard fits all our models but does require that you attach it somewhere to your clothing, purse, or the like with a carabiner or the like. That being said you can also attach it to your combat vests, web gear or hiking gear. Good for over 1000 snaps you can't go wrong on this lanyard.
Currently it fits the Defender 1, Defender 2, Spec Ops 2 and the Parrot.
No... you have to provide the connection to your gear. We do this to give you the maximum way to integrate the lanyard into your self defense needs.
YES... that is precisely why we wanted to develop this type of carry. It adjust to your clothing, desired height of carry and can even be used to carry your defender under your arm like a shoulder holster might. Great for concealed carry, open neck carry or a side under arm carry.
Yes in this case we do provide you with a way to attach it to your belt loop etc.
Our standard lanyard is offered as a low cost way to carry. The new side lanyard incorporates a need type of breakaway snap that allows us carry on the side with a carabiner so you can get the best of both worlds.
We needed a way to carry the more aggressive self defense weapons plus our standard defender 1 weapon. These models all have large holes that the snap fits into and then attaches to the neck lanyard. Sometimes attaching the snap is a chore but you need to find the smallest area around the hole to attach the snap into.


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