List for Black Belt Test
Master Brusso Equipment List:

All equipment must be water safe!
The Mental Warrior (
Anjing Banfa "Field Journal"
White Belt Syllabus (
Red Tee shirts for men and women are up on
Sweat shirts are also up on
Black belts must have "Senseihood" CD ROM (Downloadable from the site)

Note: Many of our night ops will not be a drill... As we will be practicing our trade craft.

1 Rubber training knife
2 Arnis sticks
1 Hanbo
Choke cord (Tan)
Training machete
Real machete (28 to 30” in length)
50' parachute cords
A good First aid kit
Folding knife
Sunscreen (lots it)
2 towels
Notebook (miniature recommended)
Anjing Banfa field journal from
Wet weather gear
Black BDU belt (Cargo belt if possible) (depends on the time of year and location)
Two writing pens
Two pencils
Glow sticks (4 each, green and red)
Glow stick, 1 white
Sleeping bag
Tent (teams need one per two people)
Camel Pak
Snake bite kit
Scorpion bite kit
Insect repellant
Tan BDU Pants (depends on the time of year and location)
Vietnam Jungle Boots for the water Or Reef walkers
Tan. Jacket (optional if you have another color) (depends on the time of year and location)
Matching Tan bunie hat with cord lock 
Rain poncho
Water container able to flush sand from eyes, if necessary
Optional: Flack jacket if you have one
Optional: night vision
20 approved blowgun darts
1 blow guns (camo and cord versions)
2 Large towels
2 Self Defense Weapons (defender 1 and one other "lethal") and two lanyards
Small entrenching tool
2 Rolls toilet paper
1-Roll paper towels
Optical signal device
2 Flashlights (1 small, 1 powerful)
4 Sets of extra batteries for each light above
1 Bow and arrow set per team (2 teams)
1 Approved throwing axe per person
6 Throwing knives
1 Nitsubo per person
1 Tactical vest or web-gear
1 Good hunting knife (full tang) or military side arm knife
Optional side arm (9 mm or 40 cal)
Optional 300 hundred rounds (ball ammo) per side arm (talk this over with Sensei)
Tactical holster
Red gun that fits in holster
Air Soft Pistol
Weapon cleaning kit
Camo face paint, black and OD green
Scarf (Black or Tan)
Gloves (working and tactical)
Maps of Salton Sea, North Shore
Mexican dictionary (or Barney Sensei, or Art Sensei)
10 LG wire ties
4 Large sight restriction cloth bands
Hand antiseptic
Handbook on dangerous animals of Southern California
Compass with neck string
2 Blank CD ROMs
Eye protection
Fishing Pole, Hooks, Sinkers, fishing line (50') (number 6 hooks)
12 night crawler worms
Rubber Ducky with unique number on the bottom
Fishing line 10 lb test, 50 feet (see above)
Back pak
Duffle bag
Stuffed animal
100 dry Elbow Macaroni
2 Sand bags
Optional: Tabi's (one pair for each participant, if possible)
2 Mouse traps (snapping kind)
Kleenex (small pak)
1 Wire coat hanger
1 Jo Staff (Ed Martin style)
Good Katana Boken (Ed Martin style)
Small metal file (to file down wire)
Small pliers and wire cutter (large gauge wire (coat hanger))
1 Roll of black electrical tape
Ear Plugs suitable for weapons training
Inexpensive multitool with pliers
10 #64 rubber bands


Each person needs one of these:

We need to have each team member to have a 5 gallon bucket with handle... Can be generic, old, used, but in good condition. Here is a sample of a tail gate version from home depot, but DON'T get this one.. As I think the generic one is something like $5. If you can't afford that, find a painter who is done with his and they usually throw them away.

5 clothes pins each
1 can of Off Insect Repellant each
California fishing license each
1 box of Sidewalk Chalk for the team
6-96 inch florescent light tubes for the team
1 Scrubbing brush for cement for the team
1-5 pound bag of flour for the team
1 large "dawn dish washing soap liquid" for the team
5 large sponges, non-abrasive for the team
$20 USD each cash
12 bottles of diet Pepsi (yeah Barney (Sensei)... that's right Pepsi)