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  • The defenders “wow” the Walking Dead!

    The defenders “wow” the Walking Dead!

    Yes… Michael Rooker loves the defenders. A celebrity photographer who is a defender (self defense weapon) client shows his defenders off to some people and even his clients… celebrities! At one shoot he was working with Michael Rooker and he showed him the defender.

    Michael said what is that?

    He said it was a self defense weapon. Michael promptly choked him from behind and the photographer applied the defender to Mr. Rooker’s arm! He let go immediately and said that was really painful!

    That is the usual response to these great and the photographer (Steve) handed his RP defender to Mr. Rooker; who wanted to know more about the defenders.

    We all need a self defense tool for a self defense situation some time in our lives. The defenders certainly fill that need and yet even have more advantages too! Unlike a gun or a knife; with a defender you don’t know what it is. The bad guys can take a knife or a gun away from you and know what to do with it. That isn’t necessarily true with a defender and that gives it the “surprise” factor that is so needed in a self defense situation.

    Mr. Rooker isn’t alone in his surprise of how these self defense weapons work and can create large amounts of pain in a short moment. Most people who are introduced to the defenders experience the same thing: OUCH! As you explore the defender line of models you will see that as you go down the line things become more aggressive and thus more damage to your attacker. There are times when you want to do maximum damage and yet other times you don’t.

    So, you need to decide what you need or get more than one so you can carry the model you need depending on where you are going. I always counsel that if you are going someplace where cell phone coverage is poor or that help won’t get to you for some time; then you want to carry a more aggressive defender like a defender 2, RP defender, Swan, owl, or a ronsonator.

    self defence weapon ronsonator


    Defender 2




    The bottom line is give yourself a fighting chance to defend yourself and your love ones. These have saved hundreds of lives as to this date. The defender training is even free and web based so you can learn how to use your self defense weapon as it is in the mail; heading to you! I have them hanging by most of my doors that open to the outside of my house! I’m always within 5 feet of any defender and because they are so inexpensive you can purchase them for your home, car, boat etc. It’s good to have an option of giving the bad guy the bad day; when he comes a calling! 

  • If you want the best in self defense!

    If you want the best in self defense!

    Most people come to this site interested in the self defense weapon benefits; as what they can do for them. This is a great thing as a self defense weapon can offer you many self defense benefits; especially when you consider not having one! Are you better with one or not? Well that is obvious I would think; however there are some more benefits that you should really consider even if you are an accomplished martial artist or even law enforcement. 

    First I would think you might want to be as well trained as possible when it comes to your self defense. Now I agree some of us can get lost in the part there but there is a minimum degree of capability that will serve you well in your own self defense. First consider reading the “four rules of a violent attack” as a primer for your own self defense. If you are looking for  women self defense techniques these videos I’m going to suggest will work very well for that too. 

    The first thing to consider, besides learning the self defense weapon which is FREE on this site plus, is to learn simple weapons disarms plus the Be Real series of self defense techniques. These are, as usual, money back guaranteed so you have nothing to risk.  Hear is a list and links to those video’s over on : 

         1) Simple weapons disarms

         2) Be Real Series self defense techniques

    Both of these videos will help to give you more self defense capability and I know when you need it; you will be so very glad to have the knowledge. Take a look at the trailers for these ground breaking videos:



    If you are serious about your self defense then I know that you will see the value in knowing both of these video content… all for your self defense plus the protection of your family. When the bad guy comes a calling make sure to give them the bad day!

    Master Peter Brusso


  • New Stealth Self Defense Weapon

    New Stealth Self Defense Weapon

    This is our new stealth self defense weapons… what’s new? We now have it in clear color. If you are going to carry the stealth then why not be completely stealth? That what this little puppy does. Fantastic to travel with! Easy to fit into your pocket and when deployed it is so clear and low profile, the bad guys won’t know what hit them until it’s all over with!

    One of my clients used this in Texas to fight off 3 guys and when the police arrived they were shocked at how much damage he did to the bad guys. They asked him how he did all that damage and he showed them the stealth. They said “what is that?”… and he explained how it worked. Unfortunately the had to confiscate the weapon for evidence but we sent him another one for free! Get yours today here on Go to the stealth page.

    This particular version of the self defense weapons is very popular with travelers as it’s small enough to fit in your shirt or pants pocket and go with you anywhere. If ever questioned as to what it is??? It’s a fish scaler, ice scraper depending on the season of course. The top edge is sharp and with the sharp point makes for a very effective violent discouragement to whom you have to say NO too. 

    I have to tell you that when I have used this tool for real it did it’s job in very short order. With the sharp beveled edge makes for a great cutting tool. With the sharp point it can really punish anyone who kicks or punches at you; you allow them to run into the sharp point. The sharp point of the stealth self defense weapon makes a great way to push through crowds that might be trying to stop you from leaving. Place the point anywhere on their body and push… they well move very fast out of your way! So if you are traveling at all this  is a great option for you to carry!

  • And then the San Bernardino Terrorists came!

    And then the San Bernardino Terrorists came!

    And Master Brusso was there… The San Bernardino Terrorists Came!!!

    Yep I was there and the above video tells it all. It was all by accident that I was there (San Bernardino) but the story is interesting for sure as I had a non military person who haven’t had any martial arts training too. He was a good friend who drove me to the VA hospital and I’ll let you watch the video above for the rest of the story! Enjoy!

  • Which Self Defense Weapon is best for me?

    Which Self Defense Weapon is best for me?

    OwlThe correct self defense weapon depends mainly on what your intent or your uses. In some cases it is also all about your activity. For example if you’re going to do a lot of flying on commercial airlines then a guppy self defense weapon would be the most appropriate one for you to carry onboard. However any of the other defenders could be put in your check-in luggage for when you get to your destination. You might want to have a more fully-featured self defense weapon at your destination and therefore you can pack that in your check-in luggage.

    Another thing to consider is when you are going to use it, what type of damage do you want to leave behind? For example if you’re going to a party or a family reunion and if you have to use a defender at that location you probably don’t want to do a lot of damage. So therefore you would choose a less aggressive self defense weapons to carry in those situations.

    However, if you’re going to areas that even if you were to call for help, that help wouldn’t get to defender-2-clear-psd-v2-copy-300-pixyou for quite some time, that is precisely of the situation you would want to carry a more aggressive self defense weapon. For example if you’re going to hike in the wilderness and even if you could use a cellphone, Park Rangers or police, would not get to you in time to help you. In those particular instances you want to do as much damage to whatever is attacking you as possible. That way you discourage them from continuing their attack and you can save your life. A more aggressive self defense weapon like the defender 2 would be the perfect choice in a situation like that.

    One more thing to consider, of course, is the size of your hands. Some of our tools are a little bit larger in the handle area that other ones. For example the stealth is a rather small tool in comparison to a defender owl.  All the tools can, of course, be modified with a dremel tool to reduce the width of the handle.

    Finally, if you want your defender to have some shock value, that is people see it and it’s black, then a larger tool is better. However if you want to deploy your defender and people don’t really know that you have anything, you want to have a stealth or something more low profile like a Spec Ops to defender. These are all the things you need to consider when choosing the correct self defense weapon to carry with you . Clearly having more than one choice is a good thing. The defenders don’t cost that much so you can have several to travel with you or even to be placed throughout the house.

    • Spec Ops 2

      Spec Ops 2

    • Swan


    • Stealth


    • Guppy


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