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  • Crazy Rulers of the World and the Defenders

    Crazy Rulers of the World and the Defenders

    Jon Ronson of the BBC Channel 4

    In 2004, I was contacted by a person who was the assistant to Jon Ronson, BBC channel 4 in the UK. He had many bizarre questions for me like: can you set someone on fire by touching them? Can you kill a goat by staring at it? Can you freeze someone by touching them? All bizarre if you think about it however they had a reason.


    They had been looking into the First Earth Battalion [FEB] which in turn was really developed by Col. Jim Channon (died Sept 10, 2017). When Col Channon was in Vietnam and also out on patrols he discovered that some folks on point could feel danger and others could not. Therefore, he went on a quest to try to understand what that was, isolate those attributes if achievable and come up with a way of training individuals to possess those extremely important, life saving qualities.


    Clooney with a self defense weapon in the movie “the men who stare at goats”.

    This began a movement in the US Army and Col Channon wrote the FEB manual; which, went viral in the military. Throughout my time with the FEB and my distinct look at things the FEB soldier was to be something truly different than what we observe today. I invented the defender self-defense weapon much in the spirit of the FEB as a non-lethal method to one’s self defense. This landed me in the middle of the research for the crazy rulers of the world and ultimately in the “men who stare at goats” movie where George Clooney’s character is based largely off me (Peter Brusso).


    The self-defense weapon wound up in the goat’s motion picture as you can see on the left … in the hands of George Clooney. This rendition of the defender came straight out of the Crazy Rulers of the world Part 1 interview with me. I demonstrated to Jon Ronson the power of the defender self-defense tool, then called a “predator” how powerful it was. I likewise moved him over into the Amtrak Marine Corp museum to show him a few ways of dealing with an opponent with little or no effort at all. This was a partial response to the “can you set somebody on fire by touching them” questions. In Ninjutsu we learn a whole lot of pressure points and one area of the body, when struck properly, can easily make you seem like you are on fire and, so I did this to him. Have a great time and watch the whole video below …


    Master Peter Brusso



  • Now FREE online self defense weapon training

    Now FREE online self defense weapon training

    Self Defense Weapon Training FREE!

    Self defense weapon training is now  FREE self defence training so you can see what the can do for you and your family! Many people think they know how to use this great new tool but if you watch the video first you can see exactly how to use or integrate the tool into your self defense. 

    It’s always a good thing to see what you are purchasing and how to use it. Now it’s free to view so you can see how to use the self defense weapon. These tools are revolutionary in their invention and how they seamlessly can be used with whatever self defense technology you already know.

    You can get the free unlimited online training at: Click here

    This training for the self defense weapon covers almost all the current models. They all work much the same only some are more aggressive by nature. Where we invented models after the filming of the training videos, I put a small video clip on the information page of that model to show you how it works. So now there is very little reason to not watch the training, make sure this is exactly what you wanted to purchase, then purchase the self defense weapon all the while you can train while it’s in the mail to you!

     When it comes to your safety or the safety of your loved ones nothing approaches the capability of the self defense weapon. Listen, even if you have to use it you can be seen that this is your last choice in your own self defense. This fact is huge when you think of having to defend yourself in a court of law. Unlike a gun or knife which can have disastrous effects on your opponent, you can show that it was them who attacked you. Then had to decide to hurt you and then personally move into your space to do so. Thus, it’s self defense and not accidental like shooting at someone then hitting an innocent person. 

    Also unlike a knife or a gun, if the self defense weapon gets taken away from you the attackers are very unlikely not going to know how to use it against you! This mire fact is amazing in its own right as no other weapon has this feature (or at least modern day weapons). 

  • So someone is shooting at you… what to do?

    So someone is shooting at you… what to do?

    Terrorist shooting on I5 at the Oregon/California border

    I5 shooting Oct 1st 2017 at the Oregon California border.

    Well my first day back up in Yreka we head to Medford for shopping; as we do most every weekend. On our way there we experienced a shooting incident on the highway! Some guy decided to stop his car and start shooting at cars coming up behind him. I wanted to offer a few things to think about before you get into a situation like this. 

    I have now been in 3 terrorist incidents; one in Ireland, the San Bernardino terrorist shooting and now this one on the highway.  

    First, you have to make some split second decisions. In this case if you are getting shot at, can you get around this shooter and leave the area. If so, there is one thing to consider and that is getting everyone down below the dashboard to offer some ballistic protection. You can lean down and “peek” out the windshield while you drive around the shooter, if not try to run him over thus making your vehicle a weapon! Be ever so careful not to run the front end of your vehicle into his thus disabling your ability to get the heck out of there.

    If you can’t pass or run them over then consider backing up and getting as much distance as you can from the shooter. You can adjust your rearview mirror so as you lean over and take some protection of the dashboard, you can see where you are backing up. Travel as far away from the shoot as possible. 

    If your car is disabled and you are on foot or taking cover then always orient yourself to the shooter. This means put your head or feet toward the shooter thus making a smaller target for them to hit. If you lay down cross body to them you give them a larger target to hit; which isn’t good for you in the long run! 

    If you or your passengers are hit by gunfire tell them to put pressure on the wound but don’t take your focus away from getting out of there. 

    If you have to fight then remember to strike or poke the shooters eyes and in particular the one he is using to sight the weapon on the victims. A lot to remember for sure but if you can damage their eyes the old saying goes “if they can’t see you they can’t shoot you with an skill”. If you have a self defense weapon you can attack their eyes with some level of capability! If not you should become familiar with “improvised weapons”. Below is an improvised weapons class I taught a while back using kitchen tools.

    In my case here in we passed just before all this happened; something like a few minutes otherwise we would have been caught up in this attack. Things to think about before you need them!

    Master Peter Brusso


  • The defenders “wow” the Walking Dead!

    The defenders “wow” the Walking Dead!

    Yes… Michael Rooker loves the defenders. A celebrity photographer who is a defender (self defense weapon) client shows his defenders off to some people and even his clients… celebrities! At one shoot he was working with Michael Rooker and he showed him the defender.

    Michael said what is that?

    He said it was a self defense weapon. Michael promptly choked him from behind and the photographer applied the defender to Mr. Rooker’s arm! He let go immediately and said that was really painful!

    That is the usual response to these great and the photographer (Steve) handed his RP defender to Mr. Rooker; who wanted to know more about the defenders.

    We all need a self defense tool for a self defense situation some time in our lives. The defenders certainly fill that need and yet even have more advantages too! Unlike a gun or a knife; with a defender you don’t know what it is. The bad guys can take a knife or a gun away from you and know what to do with it. That isn’t necessarily true with a defender and that gives it the “surprise” factor that is so needed in a self defense situation.

    Mr. Rooker isn’t alone in his surprise of how these self defense weapons work and can create large amounts of pain in a short moment. Most people who are introduced to the defenders experience the same thing: OUCH! As you explore the defender line of models you will see that as you go down the line things become more aggressive and thus more damage to your attacker. There are times when you want to do maximum damage and yet other times you don’t.

    So, you need to decide what you need or get more than one so you can carry the model you need depending on where you are going. I always counsel that if you are going someplace where cell phone coverage is poor or that help won’t get to you for some time; then you want to carry a more aggressive defender like a defender 2, RP defender, Swan, owl, or a ronsonator.

    self defence weapon ronsonator


    Defender 2




    The bottom line is give yourself a fighting chance to defend yourself and your love ones. These have saved hundreds of lives as to this date. The defender training is even free and web based so you can learn how to use your self defense weapon as it is in the mail; heading to you! I have them hanging by most of my doors that open to the outside of my house! I’m always within 5 feet of any defender and because they are so inexpensive you can purchase them for your home, car, boat etc. It’s good to have an option of giving the bad guy the bad day; when he comes a calling! 

  • If you want the best in self defense!

    If you want the best in self defense!

    Most people come to this site interested in the self defense weapon benefits; as what they can do for them. This is a great thing as a self defense weapon can offer you many self defense benefits; especially when you consider not having one! Are you better with one or not? Well that is obvious I would think; however there are some more benefits that you should really consider even if you are an accomplished martial artist or even law enforcement. 

    First I would think you might want to be as well trained as possible when it comes to your self defense. Now I agree some of us can get lost in the part there but there is a minimum degree of capability that will serve you well in your own self defense. First consider reading the “four rules of a violent attack” as a primer for your own self defense. If you are looking for  women self defense techniques these videos I’m going to suggest will work very well for that too. 

    The first thing to consider, besides learning the self defense weapon which is FREE on this site plus, is to learn simple weapons disarms plus the Be Real series of self defense techniques. These are, as usual, money back guaranteed so you have nothing to risk.  Hear is a list and links to those video’s over on : 

         1) Simple weapons disarms

         2) Be Real Series self defense techniques

    Both of these videos will help to give you more self defense capability and I know when you need it; you will be so very glad to have the knowledge. Take a look at the trailers for these ground breaking videos:



    If you are serious about your self defense then I know that you will see the value in knowing both of these video content… all for your self defense plus the protection of your family. When the bad guy comes a calling make sure to give them the bad day!

    Master Peter Brusso


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