Monthly Special

Monthly Special

What you get is two of our new “Guppy’s and two of our Defender 1’s”… So you can go anywhere and defend yourself.

The Guppy is one heck of a weapon; as it has a hammer like head; much like the Defender 1. So, when you “strike” someone with this tool it issues a lot of pain and damage. Yet, doesn’t like like a weapon at all. If you are stopped and they look at it, which has happened to me, they don’t even think it’s a weapon.

You should be able to take a Guppy anywhere with you. Or if you fly you can check your defenders in your check on luggage. No one has had an issue flying with a defender either; however, if that makes you feel uncomfortable then just put them in your check on luggage.

Now you can equip your self, a friend, fellow traveler or loved one with this special!

  • This is a great special if you have a significant other as you both get a Guppy self defense weapon that can go anywhere you go and a defender 1 for general carry. You can go on planes, trains, and ships with a Guppy then once at your destination you can switch out to the Defender 1.

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