Owl Self Defense Weapon

Self defense weapon OWL

The Owl is a very serious self defense weapon. It has a beveled edge for, well watch the video and you will understand that part. Plus digit captured hole that captures the knuckle securely. It also has a section to break off fingers that grab you. Plus, and if that wasn’t enough the back curve part is for arms that wrap around you or even throats. It’s a no nonsense tool.

If you are looking for one of the most violent and aggressive self defense weapon we can offer… this is it. The two top most aggressive, no nonsense self defense weapons are this on and the “Ronsonator“. 

This is a very serious self defense weapon that if you want something that will stop almost anything.. close that is and those things that want to grab you; then this is it!

If you are sure that if you are attacked you want to do as much damage as possible then this is the tool. We many additions from the earlier models this allows you to remove chokes from the back, chokes from the front, seriously damage hands that grab you and even bear hugs from behind. 

It even has a beveled edge that you can attack a person who is holding a gun or a knife and amputate the digit! This is a no nonsense self defense weapon that allows you to pick the level of damage to your attacker; that you might need or want to do!

Many federal officers do carry this especially when they are out in the wild where no one goes… like the Border. When you need stop someone dead in their tracks from hurting you, this is the one. If you hike or are out where you can get no help then we suggest an owl self defense weapon.

Category: Extremely Aggressive

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  • The owl is, without questions, the most aggressive self defense weapon we have! Starting out with the front of the weapon you have digit “breaking” beak like parts and part of that is a great poking weapon too. The handle end is pointed so you can smash hands or heads, and the digit capture hole is teardrop shaped to catch digits behind the knuckle. 

  • There are times when you carry or have handy self defense tools to save your life and stop people who want to hurt you. This OWL self defense weapons is the one of joice for sure. If you are in a bad area routinely and in areas where help can’t get to you in time; then the OWL is exactly what you want to carry. It can deliver tons of pain and damage to your attackers in extremely short order!

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