Spec Ops 2

Spec Ops 2 self defense weapon

The Spec Ops 2 Self Defense Weapon

The spec ops 2 is a very aggressive and low profile in the hand self defense weapon. It has three points but the smaller point is for soft tissue captures.




It also has a digit capture hole too so it’s fully featured for your self defense. This tool has seen its fair share of war too! As many of my clients are in the military and love this particular self defense weapon. It is a wonderful choice for your personal carry too!

Many people make their own lanyard loop around this self defense weapon so they can do physical personnel searches as the tool dangles off their wrist. Then with a flip of the hand the spec ops 2 pops directly into their hand … ready to use!

To purchase the Spec Ops 2 [CLICK HERE]

To purchase the Spec Ops 2