The swan is a very aggressive model of defenders. It has four points that really work over an attacker; making them let you go and leave you alone. Members of the military love this model for its unprecedented self defense capability.

If you should ever need to defend yourself, the Swan gives you so many degrees of freedom to move, and move your opponent around. It can just devastate an opponent. I think it makes a great addition to your self defense “tool kit”, home safety or even for personal safety.

The Swan

  • The swan was really two spec ops 1 tools back to back. If one point is good… how about four points! This self defense weapon is extremely aggressive and turns you any which way but loose! When you defend yourself with this tool you will find a point somewhere near a pressure point no matter where you start. As you can see in the videos this is a no nonsense tool.

  • I have received lots of fan mail from military groups around the world but one group is an SAS group who deployed to Afghanistan. Everyone of the members of this group purchased a swan to go with them and engage the enemy. It’s a no nonsense weapon with super capability! 

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