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Peter Brusso (Ninja) (Ninjutsu)

Well here it is! As I said I just had to do this site. Besides teaching me WP and if anyone has ever worked with me (Peter Brusso) you know unless I try things out for myself and get good results; I would never suggest them to my clients.

So, this WordPress site is chalk full of functionality as I learned more about “plug ins”. Also on this site will we recount my adventure through Ninjutsu (Peter Brusso),water my various ups and downs, good and bad, plus my teachers who I thank with all my heart for taking me on this journey.  Although I’m only a 4th Dan in Ninjutsu, I will, to move forward have to take my trip to Japan for my Godan test from Master Hatsumi.

The short version is that I started in Ninjutsu in 1982 with Jun Nakabiashi as he was a student from Japan at Berkeley. Two of us (myself and Craig Jenkins) would
travel over from Livermore CA, about 1 hour away to study with Jun Sensei in the backyard of his frat house.

Yes, in the backyard of a freakin frat house. We must have looked funny with our ninja gear and uniforms on. He even chased us down the street with a sword several times as we were taught how to avoid them.  

Bussey sensei on bottom right

Later we went to Nebraska to visit Jun Sensei’s good friend Bussey Senesi. Bussey took us on as students too and I think he was very impressed with what Jun Sensei had taught us. We meet him at a summer ninja camp with about 60 others. He was a great teacher who started me out right with truly authentic Ninjutsu. More to come

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