Defender FAQ’s

YES... it takes about 20 minutes to learn the basics but the more you watch the free online training video you can pick up more great techniques for the self defense weapon.
It depends on where you go but basically yes. They are not an edged weapon or a blunt force weapon so they don't fall into most weapon categories.
No. The membership section of this website is strictly for those who study the martial arts of Anjing Banfa with Master Brusso or his otherwise authorized teachers.
Well we always suggest you get a range of models for where you are going. There are some places where you just want non lethal force; however, there are other places and times where you should use the maximum force to stop any aggression on to your body. These places are like hiking or where no help can get to you for over 5 minutes.
Let it go. Under most circumstances we will replace the weapon for free... you just pay postage.
Yes... we have a website that you can go to if asked what they are...