Give them “Hell” package of Self Defense Weapons

$57.85 $46.28

As I always say there is a time to give them HELL and this package does just that! You get 3 aggressive defender self defense weapons all in one package! You get an Owl [really bad news to your attacker], a spec ops 2 [super famous in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars], and a parrot which is extremely aggressive. 

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This package is a super deal when you consider the savings plus the aggressive nature. This package is designed so that when you need to really give your attacker hell… this is the one for you.

With all three self defense weapons, you can place them around your house or distribute them amongst your personal spaces (like one in your car, one at the front door of your house and one in your bedroom).  These weapons are great for family self defense and also for women’s self defense.


If you were to purchase these tools separate from this package deal you would pay $59.85 but this special you will only pay $46.28! That is a great savings all for your personal self defense. You get… all three of these great self defense weapons for a low cost….

Also don’t forget to get a lanyard!










Peel the cover off your self defense weapon!


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