Self Defense Weapon – The Stealth


The Stealth is really a wonder, fast, and very aggressive self defense weapon. We have had many a success story using the stealth. Its low profile in the hand makes it a perfect “oh holly shit” tool when you apply it to a bad guy. And as they say “rinse and repeat” to them and the job is done! We had one person in Texas who was trying to save a baby from choking when the deranged onlooker put him in a rear choke. The gentlemen pulled out a stealth and ran in down the choking arm, laying it completely open, then went back to saving the baby just as the police arrived. The police asked him how he got out of the choke… our guy showed them the stealth and they didn’t have any idea what it was but they took it for evidence. We sent him a new one free.


1-Individual Tools Stealth 2012 

The Stealth self defense weapon was actually a mistake in production. Master Brusso was cutting some plastic for a new design and it broke. In frustration he picked it up to throw it away and stopped dead in his tracks… looked at it and thought “if it only had this and that on it”… thus the Stealth Self Defense weapon was born. It has a champhered edge so it cuts nicely and also doubles as a fish de-scaler. 



Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 10 x 8 x .5 in


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