Defender 1 Self Defense Weapon

The Defender 1 Self Defense Weapon

The Defender 1 Self Defense Weapon

Defender 1 Self Defense WEapon!

The defender 1 self defense weapon is the most fully featured tool in our line up.  I am also offering FREE unlimited online Self Defense Weapon training so you can see what you are purchasing; here is the link for that [Click Here]. The use of this tool as a self defense weapon is unparalleled in history and can really save your life.

It has been used thousands of times to do just that!

Once you understand how to use it and the options you have to extract yourself from a bad situation, you will really understand the power in this little, unassuming self defense weapon.

The Defender 1 self defense weapon is a non lethal option for your self defense. As said, it takes about 20 minutes to learn to use the basics and gives a better chance to fight off an attacker as it uses no strength to use.

We even trained, as a challenge, a 12 year old girl whose father is a very good military fighter and she fought him off for over 30 minutes! It was something to really see! 

The Defender 1 self defense weapon is also very good for the elderly and limited motion individuals. Master Brusso has been teaching many elders in how to use this weapon and with some great success stories too! One person called the other day as almost mugged in his car by two teens.

When they approached the car and started demanding money or else… this elderly man pulled his defender out into his hand so they can see it… he said you will have to come get what you want! The took a look a the Defender 1 and ran off cursing at him… they didn’t know what it was but didn’t want to chance it.

The elderly man had a confidence that showed he was not afraid of the attackers… So many times it doesn’t have to used but shown at the ready… the bad guys decide not to risk it.

Anther store came from the UK where a man purchased the starter kit which at that time had the training DVD and Defender 1. He got it in the mail, opened it and put the defender 1 in his pocket then went out drinking.

Coming out of a pub late at night he was approached by two guys to rob him. He pulled the defender 1 self defense weapon out of his pocket and held it in such a way as the handle went down his fingers… the guys looked at it and decided not to mug him as they didn’t know what it was. So much the better I say, if it gets you out of danger and you don’t have to use it… perfect!

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The defender 1

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  • img0185The defender 1 self defense tool is the third one in our invention line. We originally started with the guppy and then move to another tool which we do not sell any longer and then finally to the defender 1.

    It’s easy to use and it’s quick to learn. it even goes through metal detectors.

    See you have the option of being able to take this tool anywhere you want and not too many self defense weapons can make that claim.

    You will notice that it has a point on the back side which is great for soft tissue and of course the bulbous head is somewhat like a hammer which is great for boning areas of the body.

    It also has some gaps at the top which is great to rake across soft tissue and or grab noses, lips, or ears if you have to move somebody out of the way.

  • Lanyard pngThe self defense weapon is easy to use and only takes about 20 minutes to learn. It fits nicely in the hand and can also be accompanied with a lanyard which can be attached to purses or even your belt loop. He can be deployed quickly and easily.  

    one of the nice things about this tool is if you have to defend yourself there is no doubt the person who was going to hurt you was close to you. Unlike a gun or if you shoot somebody farther away, in a court of law it can be argued that you were the aggressor.

  • Defender on the wall with pushpin 600 pixUnlike a knife or a gun if an attacker does take this weapon away from you they won’t know how to use it. Also if you have small children in the house this is far safer than a knife or a gun. If the children get a hold of it they don’t know what to do with it and chances are they will not hurt themselves either. You will notice the hole in the tool and you can easily put a pushpin on a wall near a door and hang the tool by the front door.

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