The Guppy Self Defense Weapon

The Guppy Self Defense Weapon

Self defense weapon known as the Guppy!

The Guppy can go anywhere with you. Super to travel with and has been all over the world without any issues!

The Guppy "Travel anywhere with you" self defense weapon.

The defender Guppy self defense weapon was the first in the invention line that started this whole new movement of self defense weapons!

It can stop an attacker dead in their tracks, no sharp point so it can go on airplanes etc. It is the most unassuming of all the self defense weapons yet it can do much of what a defender 1 does; but it can go where others might not… And that is where people might look at it and ask “what is that”…

It’s your guppy and looks like religious symbol (christian fish) and who is going to take that away from you! Wonderful tool for your self defense.

It has traveled the entire world without any issues at all! It has no sharp points or edges so it gets on planes with you, into and through scanners, and supports you anywhere you go. Don’t let the fact that it has nothing sharp fool you… it hurts like hell and will stop the bad guys flat!

It’s a great choice if you are traveling and it comes with other package deals too… like the travel package so you might want to check that out.


The defender Guppy self defense weapon offers great attacks to the boney areas of the body; as well as, all the pressure points via the handle. It is a bit narrower than many of our other models so it’s perfect for smaller hands.

You can do soft tissue captures between your thumb and the back end of the tool. Great for going anywhere you need to go and also offer you a good “handy” self defense capability. 

The “hammer” design delivers lots of pain when you attack hard targets like bones. It has no sharp point and thus really goes undercover very effortlessly. When you go through security they do look for points and sharp edges like knives or the like. A Guppy can pass right through any of that scrutiny!  

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  • img0187This is the perfect Defender self defense weapon to go absolutely anywhere you do: planes, trains, ships or anywhere else!

    We have clients that specifically purchase this model to carry on planes around the world. Anywhere you might be searched or the like; the guppy can go with you.

    TSA says it has not sharp points, not liquid etc so they go everywhere. They have been to some of the most strick areas like the Vatican, Israel, UAE, and in China!

    I have carried this model on every plane around the world! This is a model I carry when I know security personnel will be looking at everything I have in my pockets. I have to leave my knife behind but never my Defender Guppy self defense weapon.

    We always suggest you purchase more than one model so you can carry what you need for where you go. If you are a gun owner; you many times have several models of weapons. For example a shotgun in the home and a handgun for personal carry. The same is true with the self defense weapons… inexpensive and is designed to go where you need to go!

  • The Guppy can hammer boney areas of the body, push handle into pressure points and even do soft tissue captures with you thumb catching the tissue between it and the back hammer portion of the defender causing lots of pain. So even though it has no sharp points or edges, it can most certainly do a job on an attacker.

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