Ninja Inventions

Based on my training and some by suggestion...

  1. 1982: Ninja ladders (one and two rope versions)
  2. 1984 Tetsubushi real ones
  3. 1984 Delta backs (one strap design with and without water proof so they sink in the water with you)
  4. 1984 Ninja hooks (ones that won't break)
  5. 1982 Poison water guns (spray that atomizes at 60 feet)
  6. 1984 Modular Hanbo with (blowgun, blinding powder, and weighted rope)
  7. 1998 Nerf Blowgun and darts (took two years to do the flight dynamics of the darts to get something that can go 150 feet with some accuracy)
  8. 1984: Nitsubo (20 foot cord weighted with a yawara stick on the end)
  9. 2004: Defenders from a Master Martin inspiration (11 models now
  10. 2006: knife on a rope
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