Boulder Creek Demo

The next three videos are from my ninja demo at Boulder Creek CA in 1982. It was an ameature video so please overlook the absolutely non-professional video and it was on VHS which was duplicated several times before I got it on to DVD to make into a YouTube video. That said, what we learned from this demo was priceless. First, people love it when you hurt someone or looks like you do. They love groin shots! The love massive takedowns too. I also learned I talk too much. The first part of the demo videos is a short 1500 year history so the people could understand why these techniques exist. At a certain point I give a hand signal and Ninja's drop down behind the crowd as two Ninja's in the crowd kidnap an innocent onlooker. Craig, my good friend and Ninja adventurist with me, did the take out. Craig was also running a 104 degree temp that day so he was a bit off his game but only other Ninja's would know. I think he did fantastic! I hope you enjoy these "blast for the past" videos!  

Boulder Creek Part 1

Boulder Creek Part 2

Boulder Creek Part 3

This is a great video that covers the defenders. I love this guy but alas, its probably not the right video for marketing the defender... but it is cool!

My number 1 Defender Fan

The following videos

In the following section I will put out most of my videos and do a small intro on each one. I know, long winded but since I do a lot of video I'll start to show them here. Not all are Ninjutsu but you can get the idea of what blend in my teaching. 

This video is taken from the Hero's Channel which used to be the military channel. It's a show called codes and conspiracies, season 2 episode 6: experimental warriors. I'm there talking about the first earth battalion and Col Jim Channon plus the defenders. It aired in April 2015.  

The Heros Channel

People who are fortunate to come visit my real world house are always shocked. So, I made a quick video to show off what a Ninja's house might look like. Now, I can get away with this because I live alone but you can imagine if there ever is a home invasion, they might take one look at the walls in my house and make a different choice. There is a weapon, always, within 5 feet of me! Also, how this got started was when I moved from the Anaheim area from a divorce where I wasn't allowed to have weapons in the house, I decided that if I'm going to teach out here, I want the available so all I have to do is grab and go to teach. That started what became a decorating trend in my house. 

My real world house

Carjacking is on the rise so I made a movie about how to not be car jacked! 

Anti Carjacking video

Defender Fan 2

Defender fan 3

Defender New Release

Combat Axe Trailer

Knife Fighting Trailer

Defender New Release

Be Real Trailer

Combat machete trailer

Simple Weapons Trailer

Hanbo Trailer

Defender Video

Nitsubo demo

Crazy rulers of the world cut down to show Master Peter Brusso

Old man with a stick and actor Ron Lester

Ron Lester on his martial arts training with Master Peter Brusso

Raytheon talk part 1 we are reality generators

Raytheon talk part 2

Raytheon talk part 3

Raytheon talk part 4

Raytheon talk part 5

Ron Lester and a beer can self defense

Ron Lester with a Nitsubo

Beer can clast part 1

Beer can class part 2

Improvised defender class part 1

Improvised defender class part 2

Megan and Paige Car chase scene for my reality TV program… that never happened dam it.

My flight to the top of the mountain for my reality TV show

Megan Brusso against a front choke

Paige disarm of a hand gun with a self defense weapon

Megans wedding intro shot with my cell phone!

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