In many ways my live has been both blessed and, well you know what I mean. There is never a dull moment with me and people around me are astounded by what goes on in my life. All very natural too I might add. My girls are seem to be also subject to the life style “never a dull moment” and the most unusual things happen to us. Not all together a bad thing but really different.

It’s funny because I just thought everyone’s life was like mine. From very early on all I knew is that is what life is all about. Later in life people started to tell me that your life is really different. I couldn’t understand what they meant until literally my third wife Sue. She is an ex-wife now but still a lovely person. She was the one that brought it to my attention that my life is really different just naturally. This can explain a bunch of stuff in my life and my oldest daughter has exactly the same curse?

Peter Brusso giving a belt level rank award out

Here I'm giving a belt level award to a student. Note on my right that is Joe Kalawi, a very young one!

The middle picture is me in about 1984 with my good friend Mark Normal. Mark and I practiced the arts together and also went to college for Bio Medical Engineering at Sac State.

The right hand picture is me teaching in the desert outside 29 Palms and yes those are marines in the back during a night exercise and my H1 hummer in the back too.

Here is me in a later flight school as I was already a private pilot; however this is a jet!

Here I am upon graduation from my Jet training in Texas! It was a lot of fun to get some certification in that area too.

Ninja magazine came down to San Diego and shot a bunch of technique in 1984. That particular shot is me in the water around my sail boat where I showed water attacks etc.

knife defense in the water

Ninja net techniques, and yes some Ninja clans used nets as a weapon/tool too.

Up at 29 Palms teaching a class to a group of interested Marines.

The first cover of the Ninja magazine and in that magazine they showed mostly all my Ninja inventions or recreations/modernized real Ninja weapons.

Me in 1982 Livermore with my Arnis instructor Fred Sulicup in my garage!

Finally, one of my bucket lists things was me teaching at Quantico at the MACE (martial arts center of excellence) where I am a SME (subject matter expert) and yes… that is a defender self defense tool I’m sharing!

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